petek, 11. december 2009


Označila me je Lyra in ker imam trenutno čas, sem se z veseljem lotila te zadevščine ;D

1. Where is your phone? Living room

2. Your hair? Medium-Long

3. Your Mom? Animal Lover

4. Your Dad? Communicative

5. Your favorite meal? No

6. Your last dream? Dont Remember

7. What do you like to drink? Energy Drinks

8. Your dream? Scary

9. In what room are you? Computer Room

10. Your hobby? Make Up

11. What are you afraid of? Loneliness

12. Last travel? Dont remember

13. Where were you last night? Home

14. Something you are not? Inprecise

15. Muffins? Yes

16. Wishlist? Big

17. Where did you grow up? House

18. Last thing you did? Cooking

19. What are you wearing? Clothes

20. Your television? Grey (not the screen :D)

21. Your pet(s)? Love birds (2)

22. Your friends? Funny

23. Your life? Usual :/

24. Your temper? Cool

25. Do you miss someone? No

26. Your car? No

27. Something you don’t bring with you? Boredom

28. Your favorite shop? Internet

29. Your favorite color? Black

30. Last time you laughed? Today

31. Last time you cried? Yesterday

32. Your best friend? Sister

33. A place where you can go again and again? Parents House

34. Facebook? No

35. Favorite place to eat? Home

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